Help us planting trees in Papua New Guinea

...trees planted

In Papua New Guinea we work in partnership with PUR Projet.
We focus on quality and through improved taste creates added value for everyone involved with chocolate, from farmer to consumer. The program lies on education, training and empowerment of local farmers to increase their productivity, bridging economic gaps and enhancing sustainability.

Our mission is to regenerate the Earth, by planting and saving trees in Papua New Guinea on and around the cocoa plantations. Planting trees is good for the climate, as well as countless social and economic benefits.

Since January 2020 we started with donating 2,5 % of our revenue from Chocolates from Heaven to our partner for planting trees. With this money PUR Projet brings its field expertise to implement agroforestry at a landscape level with smallholder cocoa producers working with us. The objective is to reconnect communities and economy with the ecosystem, bringing nature-based solutions in the conversation to create a business model resilient to climate change and improve farmers livelihoods.

All the cocoa is organic and Fairtrade certified.


Papua New Guinea
Wewak East Sepik
Local partner
Community in Yangoru
350 families
17 500 acres
Agroforestry, better quality cocoa, higher living income for the farmers.
Planting trees, educate farmers, paying a higher price for the cocoa.








Chocolates From Heaven
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